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Habemus Apostolum… (ac consuasor)

The new occupant to fill the empty sit left for the passing away of President Faust has been fill.

Elder Quentin L. CookThe new member of the Quorum of the Twelve is Elder Quentin L. Cook, who has been overseeing the church’s worldwide missionary program, responsible directly to the Quorum of the Twelve. While in that position, he was a member of the First Quorum of the Seventy. Elder Cook also has provided leadership for the church in the Philippines, throughout the Pacific and in the northwestern United States.
Quentin L. Cook

Sustained to the Second Quorum of the Seventy April 6, 1996, at age 55. Sustained to the First Quorum of the Seventy April 5, 1998. Former area authority in the North America West Area, regional representative, stake president and counselor, and bishop. Former managing partner of a San Francisco Bay area law firm and president and CEO of a California healthcare system. Received bachelor’s degree from Utah State University and juris doctorate from Stanford University. Born Sept. 8, 1940, in Logan, Utah, to J. Vernon and Bernice Kimball Cook. Wife, Mary Gaddie Cook; parents of three children.

Elder Henry B. EyringAt the same time Henry B. Eyring has been called to serve as the Second Counselor in the First Presidency. He has served twice as Church Commissioner of Education and in several councils of the church before becoming an apostle in 1995. He holds a B.S. degree in physics from the University of Utah and master of business administration and doctor of business administration degrees from Harvard University. He also served as president of Ricks College, now Brigham Young University-Idaho, from 1971-77. Read his bio in

General Conference 177 Saturday Morning Session
Deseret News

Elder Quentin L. Cook
Elder Ballard and Elder Quentin L. Cook

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Mormons Facts

There are 1,500 living descendant of the children of Joseph and Emma, one-third living in Australia. Of those, 130 to 140 are Latter-day Saints with various degrees of church activity.

Deseret Morning News

Joseph Smith Jr. Family Organization

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New York is Babylon?

O Babylon, Oh Babylon, we bid thee farewell;
We’re going to the Mountains of Ephraim to dwell.

Been in New York now for year and a half, caused me a great sorrow to read while I was searching for info about the Manhattan Temple, a quote of the President Hinckley about this the Great City, according to Deseret Morning News he stated:

“We’ve brought Zion to Babylon,”

While Zion is the city for the “pure in heart”, Babylon is the opposite, and while the position of the Church about the Great and Awful Church changed to every individual, association or group that opposite Jesus’ teachings and church, its shocking that now New York City is labeled for the Prophet as the Sin City of the World.

If we remember, Babylon according to the book of Revelation is the symbol and city of evil where the beast and the whore “drunken with the blood of the saints, and with the blood of the martyrs of Jesus” dwell. According to the wikipedia the different denominations have their own version, inclusive the well known Mormon interpretation Babylon is every “false religion”, but of course, this is passé, the Church doesn’t use it anymore for inter-religious porpoises.

Making a review, the Church owns to New York (city), because of the great role it played in the printing of the Mormon-Hebrew manual besides its his multicultural heritage that makes it a great city. The portal for thousand of immigrants that gave support to the church and listened the voice of the prophet to come to Zion.

Anyone that walk in the city could witness all the diversity metropolis it is, yes just like the old Babylon or Babel, but just when it’s compared because of the industriously people, the business, the cultural mixture and busy life. It’s a city of religious people, where a person of any denomination can come and for sure find a place for worship. Synagogues, Musks, Temples, Halls are everywhere, neighborhoods with tolerance, Brooklyn for example, Muslim own gas station living in harmony selling and pumping gas to the Jewish customers, polite each other, actually New York City is a great place to learn TOLERANCE, tolerance as I never saw before, not even in my lamanite country where Christianity is the ruler over small groups of other religions.

The New Zion is America according to the Book of Mormon, and even when Joseph Smith called the saints around the world to come and establish Zion, the Holy city latter became every stake and ward wherever the saints are.

So New York could be compare as the Big Babylon for the similar Metropolis they are but it’s not quite fair to compare with the spiritual meaning of Babylon.

“We’ve brought Zion to Babylon,” in order to be a peaceful disciple I’ll rather chose to believe the statement mean Babylon as the world where the saint in this demographical place are living and not as the city itself. Just to clarify.

This is an interview to Brent Belnap, president of the Manhattan Stake, and chairman of the New York Temple committee, aired on November 2006 for the Today Show


– The narrator (and it’s not his fault) wrongly states that part of the Mormon standard is no Caffeine, even though, the official ban is for coffee and tea.

– About the Polygamy question: His answer: “There is no polygamy in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints”, this actually is not totally right, because the Church practice it in proxy, in the temples, death men (and women) are sealed to multiple partners, and even further even General Authorities are seal again when their wives passed away. So even when they do no “Live in polygamy”, the fact is that the church do believe in it and moreover: Is practicing it.

– When is asked if the LDS church is the only path to salvation or an alternative, the President Belnap chooses the “ecumenical answer”: He actually do not lie, because in the LDS teachings there are different kinds of “SALVATION”, and he explains the difference between Salvation and Exaltation.

– BUT if we paid attention to the question: “When you are in those developing nations, preaching the message of the Mormon Church, are you saying that the Church of LDS is the only path to God and salvation or are you presenting it s an alternative?”, Matt Lauer is asking what every Mormon would understand as Exaltation: Be saved and be wit God; the missionaries worldwide aren’t introducing the church as an “alternative” but as the “only true church” and when the three degrees of glory are explained one understand that God will be in the Celestial Kingdom but that’s not the case of the others, Belnap rather answer: “I think is more as an alternative, we give people the opportunity to choose just as any other religion should have the ability to go out and share it message…that’s a choose that every individual should make.”

The bottom line is: President Belnap switch between the types of salvation according to the Mormon theology and the meaning the non-LDS give to that word, even when for Mormons it is proper, actually its unfair nevertheless, his answer at the same time is denying the claim of the LDS Church as “THE ONLY TRUE CHURCH”.

Learn more:
Have you been saved? by Elder Oaks
Gospel Topics: Salvation
D&C 1:30

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About Modern Revelation: the breaking of a myth

According to D&C 107:91-92, the president of the church became like Moses, who is said “talk face to face with the Lord”, and is a Seer, a Revelator, a Translator and a Prophet, with ALL THE GIFTS of God. These declarations seems to indicate a direct communication with the Lord, hence every first Sunday of each month we hear the statement that “this church is guided by the Lord himself who speaks to the prophet”.

But according to the President Hinckley, the way a prophet receive revelations (in the modern days) is not far from the way any other soul does, even NON LDS, every member of the Church that is familiar with the stories in the Book of Mormon and the other scriptures will find this a little “common”, but at the other hand it make us closer to God in the sense that every one is able to receive revelations in the same way, with just a feeling that is right, a impression of doing something or by inspiration.

Revelation in the LDS church is a vast topic, but also the main misunderstood. Since direct communication (prayer) is between the person and God, revelation as an answer to prayers is done through the Holy Ghost but anyway an answer from the Father, however, revelation to guide the church must come from Jesus Christ, at this point many will disagree with me but let’s remember that Joseph Smith’s revelations were given as a revelation from Jesus, sometimes Jesus speaking in behalf of the Father, but at the end, was Jesus Christ… of course most of the time trough the Holy Spirit.

Another ways of revelations are given by a dream, a voice, a natural manifestation, a vision of the past, present or future, objects, an inspiration, other people ideas, established patterns, feelings, inspiration, all this have been the ones given trough the history of the church to guide the Church of Christ.

Finally, here we have an excerpt of the interview to the President Gordon B. Hinckley by Larry King in his CNN’s show aired December 26, 2004:

KING: You are the prophet, right?
KING: Does that mean that, according to the church canon, the Lord speaks through you?
HINCKLEY: I think he makes his will manifest, yes.
KING: So if you change things, that’s done by an edict given to you.
HINCKLEY: Yes, sir.
KING: How do you receive it?
HINCKLEY: Well, various ways. It isn’t necessarily a voice heard. Impressions come. The building of this very building I think is an evidence of that.
There came an impression, a feeling, that we need to enlarge our facilities where we could hold our conferences. And it was a very bold measure. We had to tear down a big building here and put this building up at great cost.
But goodness sakes, what a wonderful thing it’s proven to be. It is an answer to many, many needs. And I think it’s the result of inspiration.

KING: And that came from something higher than you.
HINCKLEY: I think so.

References:, LDS scriptures

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The Crucible: A mormon tale…

I was reading some documents of the history of the church after the dormition of Joseph Smith and all the new players it brought to the lidership scene.

After Joseph’s death everywhere appeared new successors with dreams and revelations, speakings of angels and prophecies, anointing and callings made in secrecy, well known leaders and new members as well claiming be the owner of the judge throne once belonging to THE SEER, and because of that, new seers appears with new stones, new tongues were spoken, new apocalyptic revelations, new plates translated, dissension, schism, angry, conspiracy.

The key question is: Did someone lie?

Arthur Miller's The Crucible“Of course!” could be the easy answer, but why member of the church, specially members of the Quorum of the Twelve?, why the anointed ones of the Lord lied? Why someone that receive the Temple’s Endowment, the Anointing and Second Anointing have a need to lie? Of course there where some that were “just” members of the church, but why? Did ALL OF THEM saw a great opportunity to win the presidential chair?

Maybe was because all of them were greedy, or maybe for some reason God made them believe ALL of them should be the next prophet, or my favorite: PEOPLE WILL JUST BELIEVE those statements!

Of course the winner was brother Brigham who never intended to. But if his face and voice were “transfigurated” as a sign of God approval, doesn’t that immediately granted a bad reputation to all the others “candidates”? Evidently no, because the groups still followed their candidates, the schism already was created and was going deeper.

The whole period remind me of the play (and well known movie) of Arthur Miller: The Crucible, where a bunch of girls monopolized the town of Salem with pretended visions, dreams and revelations in order to fill their expectations and the villagers just believe in such “godly signs”. At the end was known for the head that all those revelations were false but after all the revolving it produced can’t change a thing, the lives of those killed can’t come back, the families and the sorrow was everywhere, god was not a friend anymore, people already stop believe in God’s revelations, and in innocence. The childish disposition and the naiveness were betrayed.

Just lets hope it wasn’t the case of the early church for the honor and sake of the Saints worldwide nowadays.

It is just a dark episode in the history of the church (of may) that make us turn the head and look forward and pretend it never happened.

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Pavarotti regresa a la fe católica después de su muerte

Luciano Pavarotti, el conocido tenor pudo terminar su vida terrenal de acuerdo a su fe católica, a pesar de haberse ido en contra de ella al divorciarce y volverse a casar. Sin embargo en su último adiós las cosas pasaron a mejor y fué recibo nuevamente, con un gran funeral que le pagaba tributo como leyenda de la ópera y para atestiguar de su retorno a la fe católica.

PavarottiLa diócesis ha recibido críticas de haberse sobrepasado al honrar a un divorciado que se casó por segunda ocasión. Sin embargo el sacerdote de la parroquia de Pavarotti, Padre Remo Sartori, dijo que el dos veces casado cantante ha sido reconciliado con la fe católica, reportó el Sydney Morning Herald. Pavarotti ha recibido el sacramento de la Unción de los Enfermos antes de perder la batalla en contra del cáncer pancreático el pasado martes, a la edad de 71 años.

Church leaders and pastors, including Pope Benedict XVI, sent messages conveying their condolences. The Pope’s message expressed his sorrow at the loss of “a great artist who with his extraordinary interpretative talent honored the divine gift of music”.

En su tributo, el Arzobispo Benito Cocchi de Modena reconoció que Pavarotti fué un talento excepcional y alguien que “se expresaba con caridad hacia aquellos que sufrían.”

El Panis Angelicus (Pand de los ángeles) fué el clímax emocional en su funeral, una grabación realizada por Pavarotti y s u padre Fernando, también tenor poco reconocido or su pánico escénico en 1978.

“Penso che una vita per la música sia una vita spesa bene
ed è a questo che mi sono dedicato”, Luciano Pavarotti.

[Pienso que una vida por la música es una vida bien gastada a esto es al lo que me dedico]

Luciano tuvo el bién de ayudar a multiples organizaciones y se preocupó por financiar a los niños que fueron víctimas de las guerras y maltratos, en los paises de Guatemala, Cambodia, Kosovo, Tibet, Liberia, Bosnia, etc.

Catholic News Agency
AOL LAtinoBlogs

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Las esposas de Jose Smith

Este es el listado de las esposas de José Smith que mantiene la iglesia (hasta donde se han registrado) jusnto a la edad que tenían cuando se casaron con José:

  1. Catherine WALKER –
  2. Sarah SCOTT –
  3. Sarah STILES –
  4. Desdemona Wadsworth – 33
  5. Sarah LAWRENCE – 17
  6. Mary Elizabeth ROLLINS – 24*
  7. Emma HALE – 22
  8. Amanda Melissa BARNES – 43**
  9. Sylvia Porter SESSIONS – 28* **
  10. Zina Diantha HUNTINGTON – 20*
  11. Mary HOUSTON – 28**
  12. Nancy Mariah WINCHESTER – 18**
  13. Helen Mar KIMBALL – 14
  14. Lucy WALKER – 17
  15. Rhoda RICHARDS – 59
  16. Eliza Roxey SNOW – 38
  17. Sarah Ann WHITNEY -17
  18. Martha MCBRIDE – 37
  19. Malissa LOTT – 19
  20. Fanny YOUNG – 56
  21. Prescendia Lathrop HUNTINGTON – 31*
  22. Sophronia Gray FROST –
  23. Melissa SNOW –
  24. Cordelia Calista MORLEY –

* Actualmente casada y su esposo con vida al momento de sellarse a José Smith
** Sellamiento vicario, efectuado luego de la muerte de José Smith

Es interesante notar que luego de la muerte de José Smith muchas de ellas fueron “asignadas a otro” (segundas, terceras nupcias aunque el esposo aún está con vida), interesante porque muestra más afinidad con la ley levítica del matrimonio entre “hermanos” de fe y evidencia un poco más el estilo de vida de los seguidores del principio. Para estudio personal puede seguirse el enlace a Family Search e investigar las nupcias de las esposas de Smith y sus subsiguientes esposos de los cuales se puede notar que continuaban con vida cuando fueron casadas a otro.

Family Search
Las Esposas de José Smith

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Detrás del nombre

Un breve resumen de porqué del nombre de algunas de las diferentes sectas del cristianismo:

Católica: Del lat. catholĭcus, y este del gr. καθολικός, para “universal”.
Ortodoxa: Del gr. όρθός orthós (correcto) y δόξα dóxa (opinión). Que adoran de la forma correcta.
Luterana: Seguidores de los pensamientos y dogmas según Martín Lutero.
Anglicana: Del lat. medieval que significa “inglesa”. Separada del catolicismo romano en días del rey Enrique VIII.
Anabaptista: o anabautista, del gr. ανα (de nuevo) +βαπτιζω (bautizo), osea, “re-bautismo” o “segundo bautismo”, por su oposición al bautismo de infantes. -ana también puede significar “sobre” o “en contra”.
Metodista: Seguidores de un método, con ideas de Wesley y Arminius, para seguir la biblia y la salvación. (usado inicialmente como apodo)
Bautista: Por su convicción del bautismo por inmersión como muestra pública de su aceptación a Cristo.
Pentecostal: Significa “quincuagésimo”. Por el bautismo del Espíritu Santo efectuado en ese día según Hechos y la manifestación del don de lenguas.
Del gr. χάρισμα /jarisma/, “presente” o “regalo divino”. Sus miembros manifiestan los diferentes dones del Espíritu Santo.
Mormón: Del egipcio reformado, “muy bueno”. Por el uso del Libro de Mormón como parte de las Sagradas Escrituras. (apodo)
Evangélico: Significa “buenas nuevas” o “noticias”. Siguen la biblia a Jesús como salvador y su comisión de predicarlo al mundo.
Presbiteriano: del gr. presbyteros, que significa literalmente “anciano”. Apoyan las enseñanazas de John Calvin, con un gobierno de ancianos o élderes en lugar de episcopal (con obispos).
Amish: Por el fundador del grupo Jacob Amman, tratan de seguir la verdadera fe menonita.
Menonita: Por las enseñanzas pacifistas de Mennon Simons.
: Actual Iglesia Unida de Cristo. Agrupación de congregaciones, en la creencia de que la iglesia de Cristo original no estuvo bajo una cabeza principal u organización.

(Prueba a Jesús, si no te gusta el diablo te aceptará de regreso)

Church Signs Across America es un libro que recopila fotografías tomadass por Pam y Steve Paulson, donde se muestran las tácticas de conciencia y reclamos que utilizan ciertas iglesias en los Estados Unidos, para llamar la atención de posibles feligreses.

Ahora entiendo los carteles en la iglesia a la que asisten Los Simpsons:

– “No Shirt, No Shoes, No Salvation”     [Sin camisa, Sin zapatos, Sin salvación]
– “There’s something about the Virgin Mary”  [Loco por la Virgen Mary]
– “TURN OFF THY CELL PHONES” [Apagad vuestros celulares]
– “WE TOLD YOU SO! ” [Te lo dijimos!]
– “He Knows What You Did Last Summer” [El sabe lo que hiciste el verano pasado]
– “Private Wedding: Please Worship Elsewhere” [Boda Privada: Sirvase adorar en cualquier otro lugar]
– “God Welcomes His Victims” [Dios recibe a sus victimas]

Si quieren generar sus propios  carteles existen algunas herramientas online para ello.

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