Posted by: edain | October 4, 2007

New York is Babylon?

O Babylon, Oh Babylon, we bid thee farewell;
We’re going to the Mountains of Ephraim to dwell.

Been in New York now for year and a half, caused me a great sorrow to read while I was searching for info about the Manhattan Temple, a quote of the President Hinckley about this the Great City, according to Deseret Morning News he stated:

“We’ve brought Zion to Babylon,”

While Zion is the city for the “pure in heart”, Babylon is the opposite, and while the position of the Church about the Great and Awful Church changed to every individual, association or group that opposite Jesus’ teachings and church, its shocking that now New York City is labeled for the Prophet as the Sin City of the World.

If we remember, Babylon according to the book of Revelation is the symbol and city of evil where the beast and the whore “drunken with the blood of the saints, and with the blood of the martyrs of Jesus” dwell. According to the wikipedia the different denominations have their own version, inclusive the well known Mormon interpretation Babylon is every “false religion”, but of course, this is passé, the Church doesn’t use it anymore for inter-religious porpoises.

Making a review, the Church owns to New York (city), because of the great role it played in the printing of the Mormon-Hebrew manual besides its his multicultural heritage that makes it a great city. The portal for thousand of immigrants that gave support to the church and listened the voice of the prophet to come to Zion.

Anyone that walk in the city could witness all the diversity metropolis it is, yes just like the old Babylon or Babel, but just when it’s compared because of the industriously people, the business, the cultural mixture and busy life. It’s a city of religious people, where a person of any denomination can come and for sure find a place for worship. Synagogues, Musks, Temples, Halls are everywhere, neighborhoods with tolerance, Brooklyn for example, Muslim own gas station living in harmony selling and pumping gas to the Jewish customers, polite each other, actually New York City is a great place to learn TOLERANCE, tolerance as I never saw before, not even in my lamanite country where Christianity is the ruler over small groups of other religions.

The New Zion is America according to the Book of Mormon, and even when Joseph Smith called the saints around the world to come and establish Zion, the Holy city latter became every stake and ward wherever the saints are.

So New York could be compare as the Big Babylon for the similar Metropolis they are but it’s not quite fair to compare with the spiritual meaning of Babylon.

“We’ve brought Zion to Babylon,” in order to be a peaceful disciple I’ll rather chose to believe the statement mean Babylon as the world where the saint in this demographical place are living and not as the city itself. Just to clarify.



  1. Howdy!
    WORDPRESS says that our two blogs (at least our most recent posts) are related, so I came by to check you out. Please stop by my place and let me know what you think (Jesus + CompassionJesus + Compassion).
    God bless you!

  2. edain Dios te bendiga, cuando logres entender el proposito de dios entonces respondere de nuevo

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