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About Modern Revelation: the breaking of a myth

According to D&C 107:91-92, the president of the church became like Moses, who is said “talk face to face with the Lord”, and is a Seer, a Revelator, a Translator and a Prophet, with ALL THE GIFTS of God. These declarations seems to indicate a direct communication with the Lord, hence every first Sunday of each month we hear the statement that “this church is guided by the Lord himself who speaks to the prophet”.

But according to the President Hinckley, the way a prophet receive revelations (in the modern days) is not far from the way any other soul does, even NON LDS, every member of the Church that is familiar with the stories in the Book of Mormon and the other scriptures will find this a little “common”, but at the other hand it make us closer to God in the sense that every one is able to receive revelations in the same way, with just a feeling that is right, a impression of doing something or by inspiration.

Revelation in the LDS church is a vast topic, but also the main misunderstood. Since direct communication (prayer) is between the person and God, revelation as an answer to prayers is done through the Holy Ghost but anyway an answer from the Father, however, revelation to guide the church must come from Jesus Christ, at this point many will disagree with me but let’s remember that Joseph Smith’s revelations were given as a revelation from Jesus, sometimes Jesus speaking in behalf of the Father, but at the end, was Jesus Christ… of course most of the time trough the Holy Spirit.

Another ways of revelations are given by a dream, a voice, a natural manifestation, a vision of the past, present or future, objects, an inspiration, other people ideas, established patterns, feelings, inspiration, all this have been the ones given trough the history of the church to guide the Church of Christ.

Finally, here we have an excerpt of the interview to the President Gordon B. Hinckley by Larry King in his CNN’s show aired December 26, 2004:

KING: You are the prophet, right?
KING: Does that mean that, according to the church canon, the Lord speaks through you?
HINCKLEY: I think he makes his will manifest, yes.
KING: So if you change things, that’s done by an edict given to you.
HINCKLEY: Yes, sir.
KING: How do you receive it?
HINCKLEY: Well, various ways. It isn’t necessarily a voice heard. Impressions come. The building of this very building I think is an evidence of that.
There came an impression, a feeling, that we need to enlarge our facilities where we could hold our conferences. And it was a very bold measure. We had to tear down a big building here and put this building up at great cost.
But goodness sakes, what a wonderful thing it’s proven to be. It is an answer to many, many needs. And I think it’s the result of inspiration.

KING: And that came from something higher than you.
HINCKLEY: I think so.

References:, LDS scriptures



  1. Inspiration seems to be the means of the day for receiving guidance from God for our church leaders. Nothing more than that is needed, though, as the church demands nothing more from them. Proof positive is the acceptance by the church of Official Declaration #2 without demanding to see and read for themselves the purported revelation it was based on. The Lord gives his people what they desire. If all they desire is inspired leaders, not actual bona fide, written down, revelations, that’s all they’ll get. And if everyone just assumes every leader is inspired without attempting to confirm it by the Holy Ghost, which manifests the truth of all things, then they may end up with just leaders, sans the inspiration.

    This doesn’t concern me much anymore though, as I live my life according to the revelations I personally have received, not according to the assumption that someone else has received guidance from the Lord. Why live life vicariously through someone else’s purported spiritual experiences when you’ve got direct access to the Holy Ghost?

  2. I think the Anarchist has made some valid points. Ask any latter-day saint to provide proof of Joseph Smith’s prophetic ability, and you will easily get tons of evidence for Smith. Ask for something from the current prophet, and it is hard to find anything that is original or timely. I asked several LDS what they felt their prophet had done in the many decades that he had either been the prophet or the power behind the throne.

    The only things I was told were that the prophet had made mini-temples all over the world, and now there are many temples. Also, he taught that people should avoid pornography.

    If there are other things, I have to ask other to tell us what other evidence exists to demonstrate the the LDS church is still led by a prophet.

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